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Nordkabel A/S

CEO: Henrik Hassing

Henrik Hassing, CEO Nordkabel

Nordkabel A/S, founded in 1988, operates in eight Jutlandic locations, with its head office based in Aars (near Aalborg). The company carries out installations and maintenance, primarily within electricity networks, fiber and water. Nordkabel has a strong and solid customer base exclusively within B2B, consisting of long customer relationships, often via framework agreements, and close collaborations with municipalities, private and public energy suppliers and telecom companies.

Nordkabel has 218 employees, and annual sales for 2023 amounted to SEK 369 million. The company was acquired and consolidated by Novedo in Q4 2022.

It is with was a great pleasure that we to become part of Novedo. The benefits of being part of a highly decentralizsed group give us the best of both worlds; : We we can continue to run our business independently while being given the opportunity to benefit from the Group’'s combined expertise, experience and resources, which can will further accelerate our expansion and profitability.