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Group Management Team

The board appoints the managing director and CEO, who together with the group management is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Novedo's group management was established in 2021.

CEO & Group CEO

Per-Johan Dahlgren

President & CEO: since 2021
Born: 1975
Nationality: Swedish
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Management & Economics, Halmstad University and B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Växjö University (now Linnaeus University).
Current assignments: Chairman of Liljas Plast Aktiebolag.
Work experience: Group CEO S:t Eriks Group AB, President & CEO AQ Group AB, Vice President AQ Group AB, Managing Director AQ Holmbergs Suzhou Co. Ltd (China).
Shareholding: 500 shares (own and related parties).


Martin Elm

COO: since 2021
Born: 1975
Nationality: Swedish
Education: Studies in Corporate Finance, entrepreneurship, Jönköping International Business School; and studies in organisation and management at the School of Engineering in Jönköping.
Work experience: Managing Director AxInterbolaget Sverull AB, Managing Director assignments at AQ Group; AQ ParkoPrint AB, AQ Enclosure Systems, AQ Holmbergs Suzhou Co. Ltd (China) and Head of Business Area System Products, AQ Group AB.
Shareholding: 72 shares (own and related parties).

Interim CFO

Lars Kvarnsund

Interim CFO: since mid-December 2023
Born: 1967
Nationality: Swedish
Education: Studies in Business Administration from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), Sweden.
Current assignments: Chairman of the Board of P.O. Jansson Industri Aktiebolag and Board member of Dentalum Group AB and Dentalum Operations AB (publ), FM Mattson AB (publ), Prido AB, United Power AB and LKV Consulting AB.
Work experience: Senior positions in international industrial companies, most recently as President & CEO of Gunnar Johansson Gruppen AB and Gnosjö Konstsmide AB, prior to that almost 20 years as CFO of GARO AB (publ).
Shareholding: No shares (own or related parties).

Holding on March 31, 2023