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Companies grow stronger together

Novedo acquires and develops outstanding entrepreneurial companies that grow stronger together.

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About Novedo

Our business model is to acquire profitable companies with a proven business model, a developed niche position and a sound business culture. The acquired companies are provided with the specific premises needed to further develop over time and to create the best conditions for value growth.

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What our entrepreneurs say

This is a milestone on the company's journey. We like Novedo's business model. At the same time as we become part of Novedo, we will continue to run the company according to our well-proven line.

The most important thing for us co-owners was to be able to continue to run the company  in our own spirit. This meant that Novedo had the best concept for us.

Successful companies have already created a strong business culture, but the company’s identity can only be understood by meeting the entrepreneur. That is the most important part of our work to find successful companies with great entrepreneurs.