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ProvideU AB

CEO: Fredrik Forngren

ProvideU AB, founded in 2008 by current CEO Fredrik Forngren together with Mikael Rehnberg, is an industrial company that provides custom-made components and complete systems for B2B customers, many of which are active in growth areas such as tomorrow’s energy storage, industrial robotics, IoT and vehicle electronics for customers.

The company’s head office is located in Västerås and it has production facilities in Tallinn, Estonia, and in Västerås, Sweden, as well as production partners in Asia.

ProvideU consists of 78 employees and its net sales for 2023 amounted to SEK 178 million. ProvideU and its subsidiary ProvideU Assembly OÜ were acquired in Q1 2022 and the Västerås-based company ProvideU Electronics (earlier Elektronik Mekanik i Västerås AB), which manufactures and assembles printed circuit boards, was acquired and taken over by ProvideU in Q3 2022.

Novedo is a good fit as we take the next step in scaling up ProvideU.


Tunbytorpsgatan 31
721 37 Västerås