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Henrik Nordgren, CEO


Henrik Nordgren is CEO of Kulturmålarna AB. Despite the past niche associations of the name, the company now offers everything in the area of painting and decorating. Its customers are found in industry and contracting, as well as the private market. The company has three offices in the region of Östergötland and sales of about SEK 35 million.

– We had had some interest in the company, but were not interested in selling. Then we had a meeting with Novedo. We got a great impressionism from the structure and people, and after that our discussions intensified. We changed our minds.

– Novedo fits well with our plans for continued growth. The most important thing for me now is to recruit more people.

Novedo fits well with our plans for continued growth.



Vilbergsgatan 44
603 87 Norrköping


Ekkällevägen 1A
612 43 Finspång


Gillbergagatan 7
582 73 Linköping

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