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GBB Holding AB

CEO: Nenad Blagojevic

GBB Holding AB (GBB) was founded in 1996 by Dennis Hedström and is a market-leading, full-service supplier of rock engineering solutions and complementary services. Its projects are primarily infrastructure-related for public sector and private sector customers.

GBB comprises a number of operating subsidiaries that cover all parts of the value chain, thereby generating advantageous synergy effects within the Group: Gnesta Bergbyggare AB, Borrspecialisten i Stockholm AB, AO Entreprenadtjänst i Stockholm AB, and IMPAB Dundertech AB.

GBB has 106 employees and its net sales for 2022 amounted to SEK 444 million. The company was acquired and consolidated by Novedo in Q2 2022.

The reason we chose to become part of Novedo is largely because the management knew what they were talking about and had a good set-up.


Transportvägen 9
117 43 Stockholm