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Novedo acquires VE Sten AB and Valter Eklund Stenentreprenader AB

Novedo has acquired Valter Eklund companies, including VE Sten AB and Valter Eklund Stenentreprenader AB.  The companies are a full-service natural stone supplier to public and private property owners.

Valter Eklund companies have a special position in the natural stone sector. They are a full-service supplier of everything from flooring stone, countertops and stone-laying for bathrooms to assembly of complete stone facades.

“I am pleased that Valter Eklund companies are now part of Novedo. The company has a clear, leading position in its specialised market. Under the continued leadership of CEO Mikael Stjernborg, the company’s customer-focused corporate culture will lead to new successes,” says Per-Johan Dahlgren, CEO of Novedo.

Valter Eklund companies are operated as a single unit, in which employees, customers, suppliers and the company’s history are key. The company has been operated within the family for three generations since its inception in 1938. The business is operated from Stockholm and the company now has 50 employees, with sales of SEK 140 million.

“Novedo is not the only company that has been in touch over the years, but the fact that they respect the company’s history and soul is one of the key reasons that we chose them. And also why we are partnering with Novedo,” says Mikael Stjernborg, CEO of Valter Eklund companies.