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Novedo acquires Kulturmålarna

Novedo has acquired Kulturmålarna in Norrköping AB and Kulturmålarna i Linköping AB.

Kulturmålarna is a painting and decorating company with operations in Norrköping, Linköping and Finspång. The company was founded in 1998 in Norrköping and has 43 employees. Novedo took over on 2 September 2021, with the former owners of Kulturmålarna then becoming partners in Novedo.

“I am pleased that Kulturmålarna is now part of Novedo. The companies are well-established in their markets and will continue to develop under the leadership of founder Henrik Nordgren as CEO,” says Per-Johan Dahlgren, CEO of Novedo.

The company has three employees who are skilled in historical painting techniques that are required in the restoration of cultural buildings, but Kulturmålarna’s operations are dominated by painting in new production, renovation work, the private market and industry.

“Kulturmålarna is a modern painting and decorating company with a breadth of assignments. I started the company with my father 23 years ago and still enjoy painting, even if my work in the past ten years has mainly involved other tasks,” says Henrik Nordgren, founder and CEO of Kulturmålarna.

“We are excited to continue developing Kulturmålarna in the way we have established, now under the ownership of Novedo,” says Henrik Nordgren, founder and CEO.