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Novedo acquires Deramont Entreprenad AB

Novedo has acquired Deramont Entreprenad AB.

Deramont Entreprenad AB is a property contractor in Skåne specialising in foundation work, construction work, water and wastewater works, detailed planning and simpler forms of concrete work.  The company was founded in 2010 in Malmö, has 40 employees, sales of SEK 120 million and owns its machinery. Novedo took over on 9 September 2021, with the former owners of Deramont then becoming partners in Novedo.

“I am pleased that Deramont Entreprenad AB is now part of Novedo. The company is well-managed, with skilled employees who have plenty to do in a healthy market,” says Per-Johan Dahlgren, CEO of Novedo.

“We foresee a good market for property contracting. For example, the demand for new warehouse and logistics facilities also drives the demand for typical construction assignments for Deramont,” says Petter Flodén, co-founder and CEO.

The group has its origins in a well-functioning project group at a major player. The group’s successful culture was transferred to Deramont at its inception in 2010 and has been a bearing element of the company ever since.

“Deramont is operated using the culture of the small company. We quite simply have fun together,” says Petter Flodén, who will now continue to operate the company in the same spirit together with his co-founder Lennart Pålsson.